Meadow Primary Out of School Care Club offers a variety of competitively priced childcare settings (i.e. Break and After School Club as well as Holiday Play Scheme). Each of these clubs runs for different hours and consequently different fees are payable, but each club is open from Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and Inset Days. 




Parents/carers agree to pay in full all sessions booked regardless of whether your child/ren attend the whole of the session. This is stated when you complete and sign our Child Information Sheet on registering your child/ren with Meadow Primary Out of School Care Club. 


Days are agreed and set with parents/carers for Breakfast and After School Clubs, although these can vary across the two clubs. Parents/carers may possibly swap a day during the same week (dependant on numbers) for either or both of these two clubs provided we have availability on the day required. However, if your child/ren do not attend the relevant club(s) on the days that they are booked to attend, then the fee(s) payable for the particular club must still be paid, regardless of whether your child was sick. Parents/carers do not have to pay for days/sessions that their child/ren attend if that particular day/session falls on an inset day bank holiday or if your child/ren attend an educational residential course (e.g. Sayers Croft and P.G.L.). If the Club has not opened due to strike action or extreme weather i.e. snow and Meadow Primary School is shut then parents/carers of Meadow Primary and Nonsuch Primary will not be charged for any forced closures. 


For Holiday Playscheme, parents/carers complete our Holiday Playscheme form specifying what days and sessions (i.e. half day am/pm or full day) they would like their child/ren to attend during the relevant holiday period. Again, parents/carers can swap a day/session during the same week provided we have availability on the day required. However, if your child/ren do not attend the relevant session(s) on the day(s) that they are booked to attend, then the fee(s) payable for the day/session must still be paid, regardless of whether your child was sick. Independent of whether your child attends an entire session or not, all sessions that are booked must be paid for in full, i.e. if your child only attends for one hour the full session must still be paid for.


Club Rates 


  • The current charge for Breakfast Club is £6.00 per session from 6 September 2016. 

  • The current charge for After School Club is £10.00 per session from 6 September 2016.

  • The current charges for Holiday Playscheme are:

    • £25 per day (8am to 5.30pm)

    • £13 per half day (8am to 1pm or 1pm to 5.30pm)

    • However if you book a place at Holiday play scheme on the day rather than in advance, then an extra £1 charge may be charged.


Payment Methods and Conditions


Meadow Primary Out of School Care Club ask that all parents/carers track how much is payable each month, including any extra sessions attended or swaps made as we do not invoice parents/carers as we feel that this would be counter-productive to the club’s ethos of providing before and after care at affordable rates for families. Our business manager will also keep track of all payments due and received and invoices can be produced upon request. If you have any concerns or queries regarding payment please contact our business manager.


We provide four options of payments:

  • Cash

  • Cheque

  • Bank transfer

  • Child care vouchers – quote 122498 to child care company on initial set up. Some child care providers such as Eden Red may require an additional reference, which can be provided upon request.  


If paying by Childcare vouchers any overpayment must be used by the end of the academic year and cannot be refunded. If overpayment has been built up during term time this can be used for holiday playscheme.


When paying by cash or cheque we ask that you do this in person as opposed to by post. If you are paying by cheque, please can you make it payable to Meadow Primary OSCC, or alternatively you can use our stamp which is located on the manager’s desk.


To pay by bank transfer the clubs details are as follows:


HSBC BANK       

Sort Code: 40 20 28        

Account Number: 61487787            

Account Name: Meadow Primary Out of School Care


When you have transferred the payment please can you email, with your child’s name, the amount and which club the payment applies to if your child/ren only attend one club,  as confirmation you have paid. 


Please ensure that all payments for all sessions booked for are paid for on a monthly basis this can be in advance or arrears. The only exception to this rule is that payments for any late fees pertaining to children being collected after 6p.m. for After School Club and 5.30p.m. for Holiday play scheme. This must be paid at the time of collection or within twenty four hours after closure of either of these two clubs.


Accounts will be monitored as we request that you do not allow your account to fall in arrears of more than 6 weeks. Any account in arrears for more than 9 weeks will be notified in writing if the account is still not settled after 12 weeks formal notice will be given and childcare provision will cease. 


If your account goes into credit, this must be used by the end of the academic year, credit will not be carried forward after the summer holiday Playscheme. Parents will be notified if their account is going into a high amount of credit.