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CCTV Policy

GDPR sets rules which CCTV operators must follow when they gather, store and release CCTV images of individuals in which Meadow Primary Out of School Carefully adheres to.

The Information Commissioner can enforce these rules. Use of a surveillance camera must always be for a specified purpose.

CCTV within the club assists in ensuring a safe and secure environment for the benefit of children, staff, volunteers, visitors and parents/carers. Our settings cameras monitor continuously 24hrs a day.


CCTV within the club allows:

1. To assist in the overall security/safeguarding of individuals, premises and


2. Ensure high standards of care are maintained.

3. Increase learning opportunities for staff

4. Facilitate the identification of any incident which may necessitate action being taken

including evidence for concerns or allegations

5. Act as an effective deterrent against criminal activity for example vandalism..


Cameras are located and positioned to allow visibility of:

 The front gate

 Main entrance and cloakrooms.

 Room 2

 Room 3

 Room 4

 The field to the back and side of the building.

 The path from the club to reception playground


There are no cameras situated or positioned into children’s bathrooms.

The Out of School Care manager has overall responsibility for the CCTV images. Viewing of recorded images of CCTV are restricted to those staff only who need to have access in accordance with the purposes of the system. Parents are not allowed to view the CCTV footage unless presented with special circumstances (permission must be sought from management in writing for this), this is to protect all children and staff in the setting.


The CCTV system is stored securely in accordance with Data Protection Act and is password protected. Recordings can be played back if needed again with the use of password protection. The club manager and nominated person are the only ones who have access to this.


The Out of School club will keep the images for as long as necessary to meet the purpose of a surveillance camera system, and such images and information are deleted once their purposes have been discharged.

The use of the CCTV system within the club takes into account it’s effect on individuals and their privacy, with regular reviews to ensure its use remain justified. There are effective reviews and audit mechanisms implemented to ensure legal requirements,

policies and standards are complied with in practice

Revised January 2023

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