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Meadow Primary Out of School Care Club

Play. Learn. Grow. 


About Us

Meadow Primary Out of School Care is committed to providing high quality wraparound care on site for Meadow Primary school pupils. The club provides a safe, friendly, caring environment in which children are encouraged to play and develop personal and recreational skills under the supervision of trained and experienced staff

What Parents Think

'Breakfast and After School Club has been the ultimate godsend for us over the years.  With both of us working full time, the operating hours work perfectly. Most importantly, both of our children truly love going and have been completely at home there since day one - so much so I have to get them there for the minute the doors open in the morning and i'm then told off if I pick them up too early in the evening! They're also always begging to go to holiday club too. The staff are excellent and the children are so well looked after.  The variety of activities means they're always entertained, they only ever eat breakfast if it's at Breakfast Club as it tastes so much better there apparently (!) and they really do have the best time - 'Working-Mum' guilt is hugely eased as a result as I know they are happy. Highly recommend.'

Becky Elkin

Welcome to our site! We invite you to explore and learn more about our Out of School Care Club, upcoming events and activities. We are always planning something new and exciting, and hope you’ll join us! 

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